Buteyko Classes

Learning Buteyko: Simple, Safe, Effective, Affordable
Classes are small, 1-4 people, held in quiet, peaceful surroundings. A course consists of five two-hour classes over about a week. Flexible class schedules, including private sessions, are available to accommodate busy lives. Refresher classes, and telephone and e-mail suppport are free.

The cost? Reasonable–less than of three inhalers, six massages, an economy airline ticket, a patio dining set…The pay off? Freedom—from, for instance, miserable wheezing or frightening panic attacks on one hand, and from the endless costs and side effects of medications on the other.

I was greatly helped in sleeping through the night.
S.S., 78, heart condition, high blood pressure. .  

The method presented makes perfect sense and I have seen results already (after four days), most notably that my nose is clear for the first time in years. I look forward to the results from continued application of the exercises.
T.S, 35, asthma, sinus.

Class dates and times are subject to change as necessary, for your schedule or ours. If these dates don’t work in your schedule, call or email us and we’ll see how we can adjust things so that you can come. 206-329-6604, or info@lifelongeasybreathing.com

Seattle Buteyko Courses
Courses are arranged according to your schedule, and can be early or mid-morning, afternoon or evening.

A typical course may look like this:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 10.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m.

Weekend classes can also be scheduled as needed.

These are prototypes: Most courses need to be arranged for the particular schedules of those who wish to take it, so please call to talk with Pippa—206-329-6604, or email—info@lifelongeasybreathing.com to find the schedule which is right for you.

Register to learn the Buteyko Breathing Method
Print out the registration form and the Release Agreement. Fill it out completely, and mail it with your payment (sorry, no credit cards yet) to:

Pippa Kiraly
Lifelong Easy Breathing
2648 E Aloha St
Seattle WA 98112

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Lifelong Easy Breathing
2648 E Aloha St • Seattle WA 98112 

Questions or comments?
Write, telephone or e-mail Pippa Kiraly, 206-329-6604