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If ever there was a regimen which showed dramatic results on
a daily basis, it is Buteyko.I am so glad you have shared this
with me. It's making a great difference in my life.
A.D., 57, asthma, allergies, anxiety, high blood pressure, poor sleep

The Buteyko Method of breathing modification which we teach really does lead to lifelong easy breathing.

Many people with asthma, dysfunctional breathing, sleep apnea, COPD, high stress and panic attacks, high blood pressure, insomnia and other intractable conditions have found relief from their symptoms by learning Buteyko, and been able to reduce their medication use substantially.

Have no fear. Buteyko is a gentle process which can lead to dramatic improvement in general health and quality of life. It does not involve physical therapy, meditation, hypnotherapy, vitamins, special diets, power of positive thinking, or equipment.There is no physical contact with the instructor or anyone else in the class.

The Buteyko Method
Most of us overbreathe without having any idea we are doing so. If our breathing is off balance, our bodies are fundamentally affected in obvious or subtle ways. Buteyko exercises gently restore natural breathing patterns. Just think! Much less asthma! No more panic attacks! Lower blood pressure! Less of little things that bother us, like dry, itchy skin and cold feet. And, oh joy, fewer drugs. Click here for more detail.

Buteyko Breathing Educators Association (BBEA), Inc.
Until 2010, Butyeko educators were trained and certified by organizations such as the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health (BIBH), based in Australia, or by teachers in Europe or Russia trained themselves by Dr. Buteyko or by well-qualified students of his method.

Today there is a North American Buteyko organization, BBEA, with high standards for educator training and ongoing education. I was certified by the BIBH, and am a founding member of BBEA.

If you need to find an educator in North America, go to  and click on Find an Educator.

I have been on asthma medications all my life and have arranged my activities around inhaler, risks of cigarette smoke, fires etc. Last summer, I took the Lifelong Easy Breathing course in Buteyko from Pippa Kiraly. I noticed immediate, positive changes. However, I became profoundly aware of my asthma "liberation" when visiting family in Leavenworth, WA.

Unbeknownst to me, the forest fires were raging. As we approached, the entire sky was gray, murky and thick. In a panic, I reached for my trusty inhaler. To my horror, I had left all my meds at home. I had weaned myself off most and hauling medication about with me just was not on my "radar" anymore!Thank you so much for the gift of health.

Faithfully doing my breathing exercises, I spent four delightful days hiking, floating the river and visiting with family while the fires and smoke raged on! That weekend was a revelation to asthma-free! I am now in charge of my own body and life! Thank you, Pippa, and thank you Buteko.
C.J., 55, asthma.


NOTE: “Buteyko” is a descriptive and generic term for the well-known Buteyko breathing technique that takes its name from the late Ukrainian doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko and that has been in increasingly widespread use by breathing educators in the United States for the past 15-plus years. There are no enforceable rights in the term “BUTEYKO.”

There are presently false claims of exclusive patents and trademarks being made by Buteyko Centre USA, but in fact, there is no existing patent in North America. The trademark has been suspended. It was only initially obtained through misrepresentation of the existence of Buteyko in the public domain previous to the claim by over 15 years. For more information on trademarks, go to

Vladimir K Buteyko, Dr Buteyko's biological son, speaks out against unlawful attempts to monopolize this method. For more information, go to

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